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If it heats up in stop and go traffic, you're looking at a fan clutch. Maybe that's the only thing it needs. But if its ever been overheated I'd stay away. (Is the owner going to tell you that....likely not)..... but first Check for diarrhea coolant, or milky oil, or white smoke out the tailpipe. I drove with a bad hg for over 2 years until one of my hoses exploded from the oil eating away at them, not the engine blowing up. So a $800 ix doesn't sound bad if it only needs a fan clutch. And you could get a couple years driving out of it if the oil is leaking into the coolant, if coolant is in the oil, move on.
As for working on took 3 hours to take the whole front end out with the took 2 days to get it back in.

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