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I had a plan with doing #1...just to cut the groove and use a screwdriver to collapse it...this is how I did with the front trailing ar bushings...will try again tinight.

Thanks for the offer to bring it in, but the subframe is attached to the car, so it a no go at this time.

So far, I had to fight with something every step of the way.

Originally Posted by noid View Post
There are a few ways you can get the sleeve out.

1. use a sawzall to cut the sleeve out (don't go to far and sawzall the tube itself)

2. Put the lip of the old sleeve in a vise and crimp it until it collapses inward.

3. Get a 1 1/2 pipe and 2 sockets and follow the diagram in the link I provided

Heat helps this whole process. Get a MAPP torch from canadian tire (forget propane that stuff is slow and useless) it comes in a yellow canister and get the according trigger nozzle. The MAPP torch is good for burning out the old bushing and heating the tube to make the sleeve come out easier.

If you continue to be really stuck let me know and maybe you can bring it down to my place (north york) and I can pop them out, and push the new ones in.
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