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The old bushings are giving the headache...I tried pressing them out with the piece of pipe between the frame and the bushing and jacking up the subframe ..the bushing would not I just drilled it out and now I have only metal sleeve inside the subframe..I tried banging them out with the 2.5 pound hammer, but had a no go....
At this time I'm not sure what I will do next. Will try again in a day or so, i hope to finish it up before the weekend.

It seems like there is no issues left, other than the metal sleeve of the bushing sitting inside the subframe..

Does any one know if Canadian Tire would have any bushing pulling tools available to buy or rent to get it out?

P.s. I will gladly pay some one to come to my house and get these bushing sleeves pulled out.
e36, e46 & e83 (x3) - RTAB tool for rent.

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