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Originally Posted by TheMadChigga View Post
HAHA, good old time, still have the Volvo.

Car looks great, I definitely think the black moldings would help to sell the car thou.
True, but I don't see why people can't look past it. Black molding is cheap. I may stick it on in the coming weeks.

Instead cars that are beat on, have issues, need thousands in parts, more mileage, are selling. I don't get it. Have you seen what's out there? Not much and a lot of junk even south of the border. Spent 6 hrs last night looking in north america for current for-sale, and previous sold E36 M3's. Nothing clean with no mileage out there. Many have expensive bad/ugly lists, and the good lists tons of recent crap to bring the car to saleable condition which show me a abused/neglected vehicle. They are over +220,000kms / 130,000mile cars. Nothing sub 100k miles. This M3 is 73,000miles.

The other 2 in the driveway can be sold in a heartbeat. Maybe this will continue to collect dust in the garage. Could become someone's "garage find" in the distant future.

We'll see.

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