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Originally Posted by Revision2 View Post
Whether or not it's going to be worth it will be a bit subjective to be honest as it will depend largely on what you want out of your car. If it were me, I'd probably go for the first one because I'd want the USB, Bluetooth, auto-dimming mirrors, and need the automatic cause my wife needs to be able to drive the thing too. There will be plenty of members that will probably say go with the manual just because they are rare compared to automatics and a more "pure" driver's car simply because it has less gadgets.

One thing you should consider though is to look for one with a sport package because the sport seats are awesome! Seriously, go to a dealership and try them out.
+1 - find something with sport seats! I made the mistake of not on my first BMW and ended up regretting it, I now have a 1 series with full sport and premium.

I would prefer the extra features and automatic for that model.

Also - take out the 128i if you haven't already, its way better then the 3 series!
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