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Originally Posted by JJJames View Post
This is in Etobicoke, right? I think I've seen it (live on Strath ave - had a silver '98 m3 coupe for a while) - if this is still for sale in the middle of the summer, I'll take it for sure (not quite the right time for me)
Yes, in Etobicoke.

Originally Posted by 328IScreamer View Post
Was the painted trim/grills/diffuser done after market or does that come factory with the "individual" package
I believe it was after. The trim was removed and sprayed. So replacing is super easy.

Originally Posted by JJJames View Post
Was the Alpine unit installed by you or PO? Anything else not stock (even down to things like rotors/pads, etc)?

Would including a full set of black (non-painted) trim pieces as you mentioned above affect your asking price? Based on the thread so far (and I agree) the white trim isn't too popular. Too each their own, but I'd want to see it as close to stock as possible.
The Alpine unit and 2-way alarm was installed by Number One Sound on College while in my hands. Not a hack install. They also did the Boomerang and Alpine install on the Dakar M. Like I said, I have the factory stereo too.

Everything is stock. Shifter, brakes, exhaust, motor, etc.

Asking price will not be affected by providing a full set of black trim. I was going to do it myself initially, but the white grew on me and never did the swap.

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