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Originally Posted by richie_s999 View Post
I know 3 teams with various ratios kept ready, so must be able too

My e30 has a stock 4:10lsd med case, maybe cause it is a "stock" diff they can?

Haven't looked that far into the rules, gonna be a year or two till I will be able to run a car in the series, so now all I can do is go by what the guys I know are doing
They are definitely cheating then. Technically, yes the 325i did come with a 4.10, but only later ones with Autotragic. So if the car is running a 5spd swap, its not correct. Plus its pretty easy to check in Tech, it would be silly to get disqualified over something so blatantly obvious. You could even guestimate whos running different gearing just by observing their shiftpoints on track.

On the flip side, you'd have to be an even bigger douche to protest it since its all for fun anyways. But judging by the seriousness of the American guys in Chump... who knows! I'm eager to see what the atmosphere is like for this event in April at WGI.

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