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Thank you all for such a lovely welcome to this forum.

Well I finally picked up my car after 1week and Budds BMW is baffled as to why I am getting vibration at 1350rpm either in neutral or driving, the service rep even asked me to live with it as they could be toying with it for ages to determine the fault, plugs, fuel filter, coils or transmission etc. Needless to I gave my most pouty unimpressed face I could muster and grabbed a head tech and went for a drive - it will go back in again.

Anyways its got to go back in as they installed the new software for the door convenience package recall and then one of the door handles did not work.. so they ordered a new one and will pop the car back in 2weeks to get that done.

Also they were supposed to fix the signal turn malfunction when I indicated, they changed all the bulbs and sockets for $200. I drove 5mins away from the garage and it came on once only.. oh well – back it goes for more diagnostics..

At least I deal in business management. I just say to Budds “I don’t want to hear it - just fix it!” after all that’s what my customers say to me on my engineering projects.

I think Budds hate me now.. lol
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