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Originally Posted by Bullet Ride View Post
More E30's in Guelph?... nice! I actually saw one last night that I haven't ever seen around town. I always get excited when I see E30's in Guelph because there's only a handful.
I was in Guelph the summer before last, with my old white 4 door. I bought those TRM C1s off the Miata guy at your work.

Originally Posted by Ryan1212 View Post
Hopefully I'll have mine down in Kitchener for a bit in the summer so we can get at least four of us to cruise to autocross from Guelph.
I was originally bummed out moving back to Guelph. Should be more fun if there's a little bit of car community around there. Ottawa is shit, but they've got a few cool kids.

Anyone got motorcycles?
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just letting this furom [*forum] know
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