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Originally Posted by sooze30 View Post
This does sound a little wacko, but yesterday I cleaned my bottle caps with something not intended for car wheels, especially baked-on brake dust.

This isn't some sales pitch, I won't be selling the stuff. I want some kind soul to come to my house so I can clean their rims. I want to see how it does on really bad brake dust. The kind we see all over: a brown, orangey tinge to otherwise decent wheels. It also removed little hunks of tar!

It is an aerosol, water based, non-toxic cleaning product intended for gunky build-up on baseboards. I decided to try it on my car because nothing else was working and I didn't want to spend an hour on each wheel.

I wish I'd taken some before/after pics.

I know this sounds crazy, but I'm curious. I want to see if this product has other uses, because I make it where I work and to find another use would be cool. I just want to be sure before I bring it to the engineers/marketers for them to try. It is a 3M product.

Bring me some dirty rims!

pm me for my address, number, etc. thanks!
whats the secret 3m product?
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