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Got the clutch and PP on, called bimmerworld and confirmed the protruding side of the disc mates with the flywheel, which is machined to accept it.

Got started on the other side of my wiring tuck -- new wires are all routed through the fender and front clip, just gotta get around to actually soldering and wrapping the majority of them

Just getting around to installing my Momo hub, curious if I need to use this spacer with the hub (#4 in picture). The hub is missing the lip that the stock wheel has so I'm not sure it's needed....

Stock wheel

Momo hub

Also pulled my strut assemblies off to have a look at the e90 drop hats I'm using... There looks to have been some contact and grinding where I don't believe there should be. Probably will source stock e30 ones to be safe.

Got rid of my steering guibo while the trannys off. Punched out the metal inserts in the stock guibo and used those as spacers with stock bolts and metal lock nuts. As a result, everything fits together super snug-ly. Doesn't look flashy but its tight and there's no play whatsoever.


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