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Originally Posted by ac_2007 View Post
^ Luckily the Camaro/TransAm come standard with rear baby seats.
Lol I wasn't actually looking for a camaro but when I was browsing kijiji I found a 01 z28 six speed for dirt cheap $3800.. I couldn't refuse :o. I added a few mods and for the price the performance was great (13.2@ 109 mph) with.. / baby seats in the back. Also got great mpg on the highway.

I ended up selling it for an 02 ss that had rare options and was loaded and brought that from Cali. For $7k its hard to beat still.. But admittedly was a little crude slammed on 19/20 hres.. With 2 baby seats in the back. It made 380 rwhp and embarrassed a few e9x m3s on the freeway.

I sold it for my e46 m3 which was obviously an upgrade in many ways but I still miss the ss. For all out fun , sound and speed the camaros $hit on the m3 but I don't regret it at all since I still have the vette
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