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This is some information from DKF hope this helped in explaining what the hanger do and how well they are made:

DKF Hangers:
-For anyone who has installed exhaust on our cars and worked hard to get the perfect tip alignment, DKF has created a serious solution for this. The hangers allow left to right and up and down adjustment independent of one another. This is a huge improvement when compared to the spherical joint that BWM uses where all alignment relies on the spherical joint and a two bolt flange.

-The hangers have also been designed to dampen and help eliminate drone by using an isolation pad between the hangers and body, isolation mounts between the mufflers and the hangers and isolation washers

-I have been using the hangers for about 300 miles and really like them. They have allowed me to get perfect exhaust tip alignment with he rear bumper and do help tone down the drone inside the cabin.

-In the diagram I added, the green arrows point to the OEM parts the DKF hangers replace

Here are the specifications and description DKF e-mailed to me:
Hanger specifications

1. 3/8 304 S/S lazer cut
2. lazer welded joints
3. vibration isolation washers
4. isolator mounts
5. 1/4 silicone rubber to insulate hanger from bottom of car.

The unique design of the hanger virtually allows you to correct any tip issues you may encounter, by allowing you to align your tips perfectly, in any plane you choose. As many of us know , if you over torque the OEM hangers this can produce cab vibration and drone which as we know can be very unpleasant and hard on the ears ( not to mention nerves). The silicon isolators will virtually eliminate the dreaded cab vibration and drone by allowing the exhaust to stretch in the correct direction eliminating stress on the hangers. The washers provided in the kit are silicone which help delete the transfer of vibration which lead to cab/drone. Lastly we have selected a 1/4 inch silicone isolation pad, to virtually eliminate the transfer of vibration from the hanger to the car. The innovative design of the hangers and the use of the silicon isolators allow us to greatly reduce or eliminate the cab/drone caused by the vibrations transmitted to the car body through the exhaust. The end result is a more enjoyable driving experience.

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