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Originally Posted by bmwm5lover View Post
so just had to deal with this BS today....
pulled my wife's M out of storage last night unexpectedly and unwillingly, go to get a sticker, shit...we need to do the e-test.
FIne. Between last night and this morning we drove about 30K. I clear the check engine light (evap code 0411) and go for a little drive, 10km's later I go in to get it tested. A few minutes later, the tech comes out, "6 Not ready's and that will be 40$--drive it for a few days and come back". Well **** you buddy, my wife isn't gonna drive with expired sticker. So I pay and storm out (I kind of knew this was going to happen) and go driving aimlessly for 60km's, HWY, City, traffic, bla bla bla.. Go back in 3 hours later... "Pass..only one Not read for evap system, but don't worry, every thing fails that one, that will be another 20$".

So in other words, **** you new E-test.

I have now worked on several bmw's with codes that were cleared/problem fixed and then cleared for an etest. It was mentioned on the first page it is simple as driving for 20min and then just going for the test since the readiness is good to go and closed loop etc.

Absolutely 110% wrong!

The above issue posted by bmwm5lover is a prime example. We recently had a e90 in for a service and etest, CEL light was on, EVAP system fault (turns out to be the pump) any ways there is criteria that needs to be met before a readiness is allowed. On an e90 the evap pump ONLY runs every other time once criteria such as this is met...5 hours sitting off, 20 min+ driving at no more or less than X speed, temp and altitude criteria met and so on. Therefore you could literally drive for days or weeks before this pump engages. BMW has a protocal they run them through to assure the test is done on an evap pump, major PITA but that is life.

So in saying that we have seen some cars drive around that day and pass (be ready) others take days, we have come to explain to customers that if they are in today for a service and expect to be passing the etest all in one and have a fault in the dme related to essentials, it isnt going to happen all at once, you will be rebooking.

On a side note my 2002 e46 with 164,000 passed last week, no codes, no problem. However the month before I had a misfire on #2 that cleared and never came back with no obvious reason, luckily I looked well before I had to have the test.

It is a PITA however the key now is to get a scan and a fix if needed well before hand, don;t make it a last day thing.

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