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Originally Posted by dbworld4k View Post
Meh, that's good for gearheads like us! We can scoop up them big motor rides cheaper

Originally Posted by careless7 View Post
Yet when cruising... E38 has less L/100km than anything else in my garage:

GT-R with 2.6L RB26
S2000 with 2.2L F22C

or even E30 2.5

Originally Posted by Eurostyle View Post
With hard driving i get 12.8L/100...My friend gets 11.5 on a 525it. Both cars have same milage, and travel the same road everyday.

For that 1 extra liter, the V8 is well worth it!!!
You know what, I have NEVER looked at the mileage I get on my E38.

I fill, pay, drive and enjoy!

For us enthusiasts, 2 things that should never matter, the price of fuel and the price of insurance, because you gotta Pay to Play
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