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Still waiting on parts to get this thing running properly. But heres where im at so far,

Ordered the Massive brakes booster delete.

Also i couldn't find a turbo exhaust flange for the rb that wasnt either cast iron, or from Australia. Im sorry but 67 dollars shipping is stupid for a 30 dollar piece. So in the end my buddy made me one, ended up turning out really nice.

Figured out where the wastegate will be run, basically out my driver side wheel well. Muahaha!!!

After that was all done i mocked up how i would have to run the dp to clear my master, steering and tranny/firewall. Things were super tight but i managed to fit a 3" dp by making the top into a 2.5ish oval and using a couple bends.


After the pipe passes the bell housing I put an oval reducer on it. Seeing as im on bags i wanted everything snug under the body. Also just before that i welded in a 3" Vband so i can remove the dp semi easily. But man is it ever tight, do able, but tight.

Took us 2 tries to get the dp done right but totally worth the extra headache. I spent saturday night pulling the motor and prepping the bay for glass. Layed down some etch primer and got to work. I have probably 3 or 4 hours into this so far and its looking decent. Need to weld a couple more spots now and its almost ready for paint.

The new goal for this car is to have it done for the first stretch and poke, which is may 25 i believe. Picking up a walbro off my buddy tomorrow than after that all i need is, fuel lines, brake lines, clutch slave line, powersteering line, drive shaft, intercooler tubes and the rest of the exhaust welded up. The rest of the parts are either being shipped or almost here. I also have a little surprise i ordered but i cant tell anyone till the first car show.

Thanks for watching so far and stay tuned this week!
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