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Listen to me: it doesn't matter if you want to run lean or not, the WAR chip won't give you the kind of control you need. My experience with tuning Motronic is that you will spend your days chasing your tail, unsure if the changes you're making are due to your adjustments, hardware or the magic formulas inside Motronic. WAR is just another way to tune Motronic.

So you're using a supplemental injector for a secondary fuel supply and running the motor hot: megasquirt can do this out of the box. The engineer has to learn more about existing solutions.

If you want to show experimental evidence of advancement, you need to remove all the other variables from the equation, so having a stable tuning platform is key.

The "load settings" for WAR is the same as the VE table in MS, except you have more control of tuning in realtime and logging to measure the effects of changes.
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