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Feeler: Part out s50b32 e30.

Potentially looking to sell my Euro swap that's currently in my e30:

-s50b32 swap which includes the motor (~73000 miles, was 71 000 when installed) with rebuilt vanos last winter, still have the receipt for this, baffled e34 5 series oil pan and new (at the time of installation) oil pump with vac motorsports upgraded shaft with reverse thread for the oil pump sprocket. Also comes with MarkD reflashed ecu, reflash consists of ews removal and 91 octane performance map. E30 solid aluminum swap mounts and treehouse racing swap harness. I will also be including a getrag 260 5-speed with e21 mounts and modified transmission cross member as well as a walbro 255lph in tank fuel pump and massive lee booster delete kit as well as a sketchworks 3" exhaust with magnaflow muffler/resonator if I get my asking price. I'm sure I'm forgetting a couple things but will add them to the list as I remember them. I paid 5700 for the motor and 6 speed (which no longer exists) plus shipping then added all of the above which was quite a substantial amount so I think 6000 dollars is more than fair. No I will not part the euro headers.

-Built 3.73 LSD (4 clutches instead of stock 2 clutch setup and poly bushing) - 500$
-E36 rack swap with lines and steering shaft with solid aluminum damper - 350$
-Raceskids 24v skidplate- 200$
-Treehouse racing front control arm mounts/bushings - 150$
-Ireland engineering 25/22mm sways & links - 400$
-ASD hydraulic e-brake (pass through master cylinder) 175$
-Ireland engineering race springs w/ bilstein touring front inserts and e92 drop hats, bilstein sport rear struts w/ akg poly strut mounts - 500$
-Mishimoto alminum rad w/ mishimoto slim fan - 300$
Rear subframe w/ akg poly subframe mounts and control arm bushings and control arms - 250$

As stated in the title this is a feeler, trying to see what kind of interest this generates before the car comes out of storage as it is locked away until next month and I don't have access to it at the moment.

I should also add that this is a very straight forward swap into an e36, pretty much plug and play in fact. I still have the euro e36m3 pan and an s54 dual sump pump that is only missing the drive gear, I was planning on sending it to vac motorsports anyways so I could run a modified subframe and e36 pan. For a more bare-bones version of the engine I would like 4500 dollars. This doesn't include swap mounts, e34 pan and pump, transmission or swap harness. If anyone is weary of the condition of the motor I can take a video of it running, and guarantee that it runs fine. This made 234whp before I had the vanos sorted out, now it should be in the neighbourhood of 260-280whp.

*To anyone who has dealt with me before and has not received prompt shipping I apologize. My main method of shipping was through a friend who worked at a local purolator, and half the time the parcels would stay in his car for days-weeks at a time. Needless to say I'm no longer shipping through him, but shipping will be a little more expensive and on your dime.


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