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Then I started thinking about joining the two sets of throttle bodies so that they can be operated by a single cable. I popped off the end cap as well as the TPS....

My initial thought was to replace the nut on the one side with a threaded stand off. Then machine a part that I can thread into the stand off that has a slot on the end that which will mate up with the tab that actuated the TPS. That way I'd be able to adjust the coupler then lock it down with a jam nut.

My concern was that the shaft is made out of brass and that tab is pretty thin. That tab was only ever meant to actuate a TPS, not deal with the stiff torsional loads from the return springs or the shock loads from mashing the throttle open and closed, I felt that over time that could become an issue, and if it were to break then my car would only be able to feed three cylinders with air.

Then I started contemplating the throttle cable situation. With the way I currently had the throttle bodies mounted the cable would have to pull downwards in one of two spots to actuate the throttles...

I could probably use the throttle cable that came with the throttles and loop it around and up to the valve cover to whatever bell crank mechanism I come up with.

Then I was like hmmm.... what if I turn the throttle bodies upside down?

That way the throttle cable is up top. I thought to myself, that looks promising! Not only that, but all of the clutter from the vacuum lines will be hidden on the bottom side. It might be a bit tricky to get at the vacuum ports to sync the throttles, but I'll really only have to do that once....

That does look cleaner! And I can use the screws that the bike's fuel system was attached with to do some cable/hose management with the engine harness...

Then while I was playing with the one throttle cable I thought to myself... well what's stopping me from running a second cable right to this spot and just joining the two cables together so that they can be actuated with a single cable... so I threw a cable on the other set....

Now this I like! With this set-up I no longer need that coupler that I was feeling sketchy about. I figure that it shouldn't be too hard to make up an assembly that I can bolt to the valve cover where the manifold support brace use to mount that has a bell crank with two different diameters so that I can get proper pedal travel. I can probably even make it so that I can retain the cruise control

So that's pretty much where things are at right now. The next step is to test fit it on the car so that I can find out what's in the way... because there's probably something in the way lol. I'm thinking that I am definitely going to have to do some massaging of the hoses that go into the heater core. I was thinking about going to where I have my car stored and pulling the manifold off to test fit, but that will end up being more hassle than I want, so I'm likely going to put things on hold for a couple weeks until the snow melts enough so that I can get my car out and bring it home.

Just to make it look sort of complete I threw the other couplers on and tilted the motor to the angle that it sits in the car. A couple more pics...

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