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Originally Posted by kruler View Post
The problem with that logic is that it doesn't take into account how much the program had to do with the increase in pass rate.

Also, those statistics show that in 2011, 1.2/10 cars still failed. Without the program in place, there will be no enforcement of these cars.
If you really want clean air in the world, then every country has to do its share to reduce emission, I dont see China and India doing that and they are the fastest growing economy with alot of manufacturing industries that are polluting the air, USA is no better and can Ontario "contain" the better air that this emission test is doing? Are we really breathing better air here than in Vancouver?

Dont get me wrong, the initial reason to implement emission test is good and I dont mind the tail pipe test but this ODB testing is causing more headaches and money and i know alot of people even used car dealers are complaining... and it has to go...

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