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Originally Posted by NOTORIOUS VR View Post
Of course you can, but you need to keep OBD2 working on your car. It says so right on the Drive Clean page I linked above. So please don't tell me I'm giving misinformation when I'm showing you the Government states you HAVE to keep all emissions devices on the car including OBD2 working, unless you can prove that the drive clean site and emissions laws (can be found here: are incorrect.

Please don't act smug towards me if you cannot even back up what you're saying.
In no am I try to act smug.
Until December 31, 2012, a light vehicle that is compliant with OBD test standards is deemed to be in compliance with tailpipe testing standards. If a light vehicle is not compliant with OBD test standards, the light vehicle may be tailpipe tested, with the test results of the tailpipe test being used to issue an emissions inspection report. Effective January 1, 2013, a light vehicle must be compliant with OBD test standards. Light vehicles not OBD enabled and vehicles not compatible with the performance of the OBD test procedure referred to in Section 9.0.1 of t he Regulation will be tested using the Two Speed Idle Test as prescribed in Section 8 of the Regulation or the Test for Diesel Fuelled Light Vehicles as prescribed in Section 11 of the Regulation (diesel only). A light vehicle is required to be tested for compliance with the OBD test standards using at a minimum, the OBD test elements described below in Table 9.0.1A

So basically you go there with your 98+ vehicle the with 97 or older motor (in which you'd probably get hot rod stats and they wont bother you about a port) But if you dont have hot rod stats, you tell the inspector/mechanic your vehicle is no obd 2. (You tell him you have a old motor that doesnt have obd2, you may need paper work to prove depending on shop) You have ALL the emission equipment from the 97 or older motor and functioning then theyd run a 2 speed idol test.

Also of note : MUST HAVE Equivalent to original emission equipment, equivalent being a key word as that could be argued many ways

Q: The owner of a 2005 Chevrolet vehicle installed a 2011 crate motor. (The 2011 crate motor was not designed or equipped with any emission components). What are the emission requirements?

A: This vehicle must:

meet the visible emission standards
meet the emission standards set for the original motor (2005).
have all emissions control equipment normally included with the replacement motor (2011), or its equivalent, attached and functioning. Since the crate motor did not come with any emission components, none are required.
meet or exceed the 2005 standards for that original motor if a provincial officer asks for a Drive Clean test. Although emissions control equipment is not required, without it, the car would likely fail the Drive Clean test.

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