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The ONLY issue I have is exactly as you stated. I bought something second hand and I am having trouble getting support. Hence me asking for support from people who might have a WARchip.

Here's a quick lesson:

The "24 pound" means that the injectors have a flow rate per unit time at a constant duty cycle and supply pressure.

I can adjust:
-The injection duration wrt load-- Using the WARchip
-The pressure in the fuel rail wrt manifold pressure --using the rising rate fuel pressure regulator.

Therefore; I can dynamically adjust the amount of fuel entering the combustion chamber.

I can agree that this might not work well for the average setup. The conditions I have with the modifications from my bachelor thesis change how lean I can go.

RRFPRs often get a bad name because people dont know/dont care to tune and support them properly. They just say they don't work and get bigger injectors.

Thanks, and Please let me know if you have WARchip Tunes!!
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