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Oh I know... Trust me I know!!! lol I'm fortunate enough to have friends in the motor industry and ol man owns a Body Shop and the only reason I got this is also cause a close friend of mine works at BMW and I know most if not all the mechanics there... It's good to be BMW's plumber lol... You hook them up they hook you up lol I got my car serviced and get my parts cost... Btw Wow parts r NOT cheap but so far I replaced the drivers mirror, seat belt censor, the passenger side skirt, rear bumper cover, I have alll new bulbs, LED's and halos but I'm gunna wait till i get it out of paint booth, the pass BMW emblem in the door jam, done some service and maintenance aka ball joints tie rods, My navi cd is missing but I've seen people with burnt versions, now to fix the blue tooth the mike wont pick up my vvoice... I can do most the work on my own so I save a bitttt there and aside from tie rods and ball joints I've done everything on my own... Your right though if you want high end you gotta be able to pay for costs
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