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Originally Posted by GTCobra View Post
Well I did like 8000ks with it this summer... Between Cayuga, Grand Bend Motorplex, Muscoca, Ottawa etc... man the car is like driving on pillows and when you need her to plant her feet and give er moves like a champ... The fuel mileage is wicked 170 fillup on premium took me there and back Toronto to Ottawa doin lik 116 to 120 all the way in cruise... Very impressed btw I come from a vigorous fox body mustang back ground so rattling, grumbles and loose ass end is very common to me it's NICE driving this 7 series and than goodness I have a close friend that's parts mani at BMW
I had a notch or two in my day as well. Last stang was a modular 330ci stroker with 18 psi, built at shm, outlaw tranny, eaton diff etc was a 10 sec car on DR's. It was a blast to drive however the shakes and rattles come with the territory for sure. At 180 mph the dash literally sounded like it was about to come off lol

That model 7 is a lux car for sure but it comes at a cost, youll find out soon or later.
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