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Most Reliable 5?

Hi everyone! I owned a hoon-y hacked up E36 before, but I'm looking to replace our family civic with another car. Reason is just that civics are not built to age well. Our first choice was an Accord as they age MUCH better than civics. However, since I owned a BMW and found the bulk of the mechanical parts (tranny, engine) reliable, I'm going to see what you guys have to offer.

Accords in the 100-150k km range are still pretty reliable and you can get a 2006 one with <150k km for about 6-7k.

I don't know what can be said about any of the 5 series in terms of reliability. Is there a 5 series that would cost something between 6k and 10k that's reliable under X km on the odometer? (You guys define X for me. I would assume below 150k is the magic number). Also, preferably automatic transmission. I drive stick but my parents do not.

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