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Talking Want to share your WARchip Maps?

My M20 b25 is currently very, very close to being boosted. I'm getting a chub just thinking about it.

The guys at miller performance are being very difficult, and wont give me a base tune with the load settings I need. They will only supply turbo loads if you buy the unit/tune from them. Anyone who has a WAR chip knows you cant change the Load/RPM settings for some silly reason.

Ive got a few different Fuel and Ignition maps made on MS Excel, although I would like to see if anyone has something that works just so I can use the load settings and get some insight from what other people are using.

Im running a CAT ~270 camshaft, titanium retainers, 24lb injectors, RRFPR and a fancy Water injection/Plasma Spark system that I made for my bachelor thesis.

I know there are some forums with info/MAP sharing for Miller WAR chip, but there is alot to sort through and no actual .mpc files

Hopefully you guys can help me out?

"Boost Or Bust"
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