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Originally Posted by R.S.C View Post
April 2nd, Insurance is activated. Can't wait. Hope it warms up quickly like it did last year and we get some rain soon.

Do you guys have any last minute work still to be done on your rides?
Lots, actually! Inspection II, install coilovers, clear bra on the bumper, and get the exhaust done - all as soon as the car is on the road. It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it Gonna be an AWESOME spring/summer!
Originally Posted by FermiParadox View Post
Nothing to be done before the car comes out but as soon as it does it'll be getting Inspection II, and I'm debating whether or not to have a ssk installed at that time or if I'll wait and do it myself. I'm also going to get a tint done but I'm not sure how dark to go, or if I should get a clear bra installed on the bumper/hood/mirrors. Lots of decisions! Any thoughts?

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Trimline (a new Max Sponsor) has some good rates on clear bra installs. If your paint is near perfect, absolutely get it done. It was the best cosmetic investment I made on my previous E46. I'm having my bumper done on the M5 as well.
Tint: do 35% or 20% depending on your taste. I've had 20% on my cars, no issues.
Originally Posted by lvan View Post
Just saw some flurries... I think we are not out of woods yet.
No kidding... saw a few come down by Square One earlier
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