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Question about FPR's

Looking for some help from you e36 guys. I'm running an obd-1 m52 (21.5# pink tops) and have been chasing down some fuel mileage issues. I found today that the motor I bought had a 3 bar fpr from an e30 318is in the rail instead of the 3.5bar it should have. I replaced the fpr with a spare 3.5bar unit, but now I'm having a nice fuel leak out the fpr when I start the car.

The fuel rail design in my car uses a large snap ring to hold the fpr in, but the junkyard spare I had used a v-band design to hold it in. Is there a difference in the e36 fuel rails, and are these 2 types interchangeable?

fuel rail 2.jpg

This is the fuel rail type in my car

fuel rail 3.jpg

This is the fuel rail type my spare regulator came off.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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