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Absolute worst customer service

I made the mistake of getting involved with PJ before reading the other thread about his communication issues. I bought some parts from him months back and I'm still missing an emblem from the order. I've tried texting, emailing, pm-ing, nothing helps. I thought that he was away because he likes to leave for months at a time without saying anything, but just now I was browsing the classifieds and I saw him selling a motor. I was actually going to buy suspension from him too in the past, but I got lucky that he couldn't be bothered to reply to my requests for a quote so I ended up getting it elsewhere.

I would not recommend doing business with him even to my worst enemy. You might save a few dollars depending on who you compare pricing to, but then you might not ever get your parts, and he sure as hell isn't going to reply to any method of communication. I actually held back on writing this because I was still hoping that he might send me my damn emblem, but I decided that it's worth it to go to the dealer and buy one for the opportunity to tell the whole forum what an awful seller he is. Maybe this way others will not make the same mistake I have.
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