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i use a peice of hardware called a slingbox to share my cable TV connection over WAN, so i really need more upload than that. For maximum bandwidth downstream, cable is the way to go now. I was considering teksavvy cable (it uses rogers for last mile delivery, their current best plan is 28/1) but with only 1-2mbps upstream, watching TV at the cottage over my cellular wan is too grainy to be worth it. With my 10mbps upstream connection i can watch HD sports like hockey at the cottage no problem (but it chews bandwidth. Decent picture requires at least 1600-1700kbps up, and HD requires like 3500)

bell is going to be releasing a 50/10 VDSL2+ line which is actually two bonded local loops (it uses four wires instead of two).

i also figure i should note that bell had to run new lines into our house for vdsl2+ to work. (but we're on a single loop for internet)

finally the tech said our area (bloor/jane) should be getting FTTH within 18 months.

deep, i just saw your comment that you dont like DSL. I'm curious, why?
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