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i'm very happy with fibe ATM. I run my torrents at 2.2mb/s during the day, 3.0 mb/s at night, this still leaves enough bandwidth for regular browsing. My ping time roundtrip to most well hosted sites is under 20ms interleaved with other traffic (meaning i get really good ping times even when downloading at 3mb/s and DHT running).

It is very good service. The fibe TV is simple to use. We have 4 receivers in our home, (one of which is a PVR), 3 of them are on gigabit Cat6A, one over coax. My parents who are tech capable but not savvy (horrible pun) aren't having any difficulties with the cable boxes.

i cant comment on the landline as i dont use it and think its a waste of money.

as luis pointed out, the unlimited plans are 10$ ONLY in a bundle (meaning you need to have 3 services from bell, although i believe wireless web or cell service can count as one)

if anyone wants more info or tracert's let me know. i'm using the motorola receivers and the sagemcom modem bell gave us
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