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i'm further up the road at bathurst and hwy 7. I hit the Rogers POI at their Rhill newkirk location. not sure if you are on the same node or not.

I will say it's not fast at night...when i first joined I had no speed degradation at all! in fact i would get over 28MBit/sec...closer to 35 consistently. Now it's degraded so that I can't even stream 720p consistently and sometimes drops to under 5Mb/sec speeds. typically between 7 to 11pm it's very slow. rest of time it's fine.

Rogers has asked the third party internet providers to move to the aggregated POI. CRTC also supported this by forcing if the third party internet providers want speed matching between the tier 1 and the resellers they have to move to aggregated POI.

So for now Rogers doesn't have to provide speed matching on any speed bumps. recently my area got bumped to the 35/3 speed on Rogers extreme but we don't get that on Teksavvy till they move over to aggregated POI which is probably sometime this summer or later.

It's not a slam against Tek as they have to play by the rules set forth by the cartel of CRTC. I suspect their Newkirk location is out of bandwidth (like many other locations) for Teksavvy and they won't make the additional investment since they plan to move to aggregated POI which i think is down at the Rogers York Mills location.

now having said all that i won't go back to Rogers/Bell. i have cut the cord and no longer subscribe to any TV subscriptions except for Netflix/Hulu+/Vudu and a certain US DNS provider. I have been asking for the internet/cable discounts for years with rogers and i just find it too much of a hassle. So with the US streaming content I don't need TV service anymore and cancelled them and moved to Teksavvy to get the additional data / month. we were sucking up easy 90-100GB/month.

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