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Originally Posted by cormier View Post
Pictures would help. I don't think it's a terrible price if its in good shape
Car should be in great shape- no photos sorry (blue exterior if that helps)

Concern is that i am going to be able to
1) resell AND get what i paid for it when i get my other car back on the road in about 6 months (read probably a year)
2) not have any major expenses for the next year

I can't decide if not finding one same year local car on kijiji or CL for sale is a good thing or not.
I can find 01-03 for about 10k and 06 for 20k. As I am not yet familiar with the differences this seems like a large range. I know the e46 ended in 05 so i guess the 06 model must have had some significant upgrades.
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