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Originally Posted by ac_2007 View Post

I'd pay 4k tops if it came with the sport pkg, 4.5k if its manual.
Most major wear/tear parts ought to have been replaced by 270k, but I don't want that much mileage on a drivetrain.

Corrosion would likely be an issue as well.
Thanks, don't believe the awd came in manual.

seems like bmw's have many issues, coming from a lexus/toyota i am just not used to major components going and recals etc. But this would be a second car while i take the lex off the road for some upgrades

Can't find any local ads for this model for sale, so went wide and there is a huge dif in price, US prices seem to be in the 10-12k range, and canada seems to be in 8k range.

This post indicates a 03 330xi is priced over 10k (from Aug 2012), so a bit confused as what the actual value in private sale is for this car.
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