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Originally Posted by bmwm5lover View Post
Wow, I read all of the posts b4 the clean up, this has, by far, been the most childish exchange of insults I've ever seen on Max.
We should have an award.

Anyway, 2bmwguy, post some detailed pictures of your M3, there might be some inexpensive ways of correcting some of the cosmetic issues your new car has that will make it much nicer overall and get you tinkering with it.
Instead of insulting each other, use the knowledge that some of the guys like Eurostyle have to better your ride.

Just a positive thought.
Yes, your right.if you go back and see my posts, I did not start any of this,I will counter back I'm not and me have made some deals in the past,I'm a good guy and so Are you. I will never. Buy anything at bummer heaven after this.
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