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Ok.....lets all ignore the bad news and only provide good news about Blackberry...

P.S if MOBILICITY the best they can do for discount cell providers they are desperate just to show units moved.

opps my mistake...if Samsung Knox is a success any sort of "advantage" BB had is gone........BYOP (Bring your own phone) is going to be the norm for companies trying to save a buck in hard economical times and if RIM sorry Blackberry wants to tap the third world markets so be it but most people agree the smart phone market is already reaching its plateau and by the signs that Apple shares has dropped %20 from its highs and rumors Tim Cook is stepping down the cell phone market is expecting a pull back on spending by the money cautious buyers.So whats up with BB after has launched in the US,there is NOTHING coming from them that is going to be game changer this year and by then Apple and Samsung would have released their newest toys for the important fourth quarter sales.
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