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Originally Posted by damameke View Post
Your initial reply wasnt an "opinion" , it was a criticism...
"I am sorry to say, but this is one of the ugliest E39s, i have seen in a long time All your current mods, you can just sum it up as: Ebay special"

OP took the time and effort to list out what he has on the car, even with pictures and there you are the 1st reply;ugliest, Ebay special.. and whammm Wolf-E39's feeling was hurt..and deflated...

Even tho . this is a public forum,, a little bit of appreciation and better choice of words on your opinion and a few better mod suggestions goes a long way in helping the OP out...

Then again. .this is my opinion....
sorry for hurting OPs feelings.

There were plenty of people who gave the right suggestions.
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