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feeler - old fat auto e34? lose some weight bigboy and get my COMPLETE 5SPD SWAP $500

NO LSD (being sold separately but probably sold
before the coming weeknd.....not 100%)

EVERYTHING else is being put together NOW!

Convert your old, errrrrr.....hefty automatic into
a CLUTCH bearing, man tool and....

1 go faster

2 consume less fuel

3 gain control

4 FINALLY learn how to drive a stick and enjoy
what your car was made to do

5 endless buttocks cometh upon thine path.....

Asking $500, includes everything down to the
driveshaft, reverse switch wiring,
used clutch/flywheel......etc etc

PLEASE pm if interested and I can text
you any pictures or information
you may need! NO LOW BALLERS PLEASE!

check this for procedure, parts etc
Steer with your QUAIFE
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