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Originally Posted by ALPINA MAN View Post
Sorry to burst your little bubble, there are no haters here, unless you think all these people are against the OP, which is highly unlikely.

The OP asked people in his own original post to give their opinion, and people are spoken period. Now, if OP would have just post what he was doing to his car and wouldn’t asked for people’s opinion, then perhaps you could have legs to stand on and post what you posted already.

I know a lot of people in this community and most of them are great guys and have great taste of setting their rides as they find fit, but getting upset and calling name is not what we are here for.

OP wanted to hear an opinion and he got it, how does that make me a hater? If his car would have been tastefully modified, i would have stated that it is nice.

and don't forget that this is a public forum, where everybody is entitled to their own opinion
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