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The old RIM have stopped providing guildance on how many unit they shipped or sold for a long time so analysts that cover BB have to call their carrier contacts to get an estimate so that they can write their research paper to their companies's financial advisors who will advise their clients to buy, sell or hold, so if you are an investor, this information will be useful to you, other than that... who cares...

Then again, many a time, analysts are wrong, for BB, Peter Misek from Jefferies have been covering this company for so many years and he is rather spot on, on his analysis on BB and his numbers(500,000) differed from other analysts too and he has a target price of $18,again, if you are not an investor, this should not matter to you... .

Disclosure: I am an investor and I treat the current shipped or sold numbers by these analysts with a grain of salt.

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