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Originally Posted by cormier View Post
very nice. you burned through the clutch already eh
Actually no lol.

DSM's have an issue with the clutch linkage wearing out with higher clamping force clutches. You get dead play in the pedal assembly and it prohibits full fluid transfer to the slave. It causes the clutch to not fully disengage between shifts, which kills the syncros.

The previous owner put a heavier clutch in, but didn't check the linkage, so it killed the transmission and clutch. I pulled the assembly out, replaced the parts and welded it so it won't happen again.

But now I have to put a transmission and clutch in. I have the transmission, I just ordered a clutch and am waiting for that to come in.

I also picked up a Meth kit and O2 dump.

The tune is being a little wonky at idle, I think it's switching between open loop and closed loop randomly and causing it to run rich at idle, or perfect. It's annoying. I'm going to wire in my wideband with a narrowband simulation to see if that helps.

Originally Posted by craz azn View Post
Continue to shit sir, thats f ucking badass.

Wish my E30 could take off like that
I slipped it a bit there. I don't care about the transmission, so I went out yesterday and did some straight dumps at a 7k rpm 2-step. Left some nice black marks and went a bit sideways.
85 325 - Turbo M52B28.

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