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Originally Posted by EMPOWERD View Post
I'm got an SMG in my '02 M3 and LOVE IT. If I had to replace my car with another E46 M3.. it'd be SMG again. The "haters" on here don't like it because they don't know how to drive an SMG. Test driving one for a few KM's does not do it justice. Even in Auto mode, the thing is brilliant. THE SECRET??? all in your right foot. You can leave the speed-shift button all the way to the fastest and still make the tranny granny-shift if you lift slightly with your right foot just as it shifts. It's all timing and finesse. Once you get good, you can drive around rush-hour in the fastest shift mode balancing a glass of water on the dashboard without spilling.
This is precisely what I have heard time and again from people who actually OWN these cars.

I don't know why the onlookers constantly dog on SMGs. You'd think if it was that hated, every single day, by all of BMW's *paying* customers, they'd have changed it. Yet, the vast majority of E46 M3s and E60 M5s were ordered by choice, and produced with this so-called-hard/unliveable transmission for nearly a whole decade.

The first time I actually put one through it's pace was yours, Randy. Gotta say, it was a freakin' blast pulling off those hard, angry, raw shifts in S6. That can be quite addicting. I can see myself owning one of these some day in a car that's used frequently.
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