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Biggest update today... IT RUNS!!

Got the motor in on its own mounts yesterday and decided to wire it up.

Everything fits pretty proper, in this pic i have the radiator where it should be, as well as a 16 inch pusher fan and a greddy intercooler.

I test fitted the lights the other day and the tubing should have enough room to squeeze under the highbeam.

Quick pic when i first got it in, if you dont have a removable rad support... do it.

And heres the reason ive been slow with the updates, lets just say body work is hard one handed.

My hand slipped into the flywheel when the gas bottle fell into it. 6 stitches and a broken finger later... im pissed lol. And yes thats a race mower with a 12 horse motor on it. Red snapper ftw!!

Heres the video of it firing up,

If that doesn't work lemme know and ill get s direct link.

If it sounds like it pings its because only the flywheel is on in this video, also there is no o2, no maf, no intake, stale fuel, and one of the injectors is broken. Not bad

Thanks for watching so far guys, stay tuned!

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