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the pic that you posted is nice but i have seen a million of them
why does everybody have to do the same thing ?
lower it and put some rims on and maybe the m bumpers its too common

i don't want to lower the car because i love the ride quality and i actually like to use the car not scrape every time i get on my drive way or on every bump on the highway
rims yes they are a must but why does everybody have to put the m bumper on ? are we that limited with our imagination ? we don't have to blindly follow what every body else does
i don't want my car to look the same with any other on the road.

it is the same as the people that put ridiculous amounts of camber on their wheels and they have to drastically modifie everything from suspension to body to make it work.
i personally hate the look, it is not my thing, but i am not going to hate the guy for doing it or post pics of other cars and say lets try to save your car from you.
i appreciate the amount of time work and money he puts in to it because at the end of the day he drives home in it not you

so start appreciating diversity not blindly follow the crowd like the sheep
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