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Originally Posted by jeremy View Post
That's awesome bud! Your actions are very humbling.

What's it cost to do something like that?
Cost us around 30k... Money well spent to me...the school has 500 or so students, which without our school, would probably go uneducated... we also paid for many books and supplies. To build an furnish an entire school for that "little" money is crazy... you can't do much with that here...i have many more pictures that I can post, just not here at work. We were invited to go to the school for another "inauguration" opening this summer. My wife has been a few times, but not me. I think we might try to go in the fall.

Originally Posted by odzzie View Post
cant say im a fan of those wheels something about the black with chrome lip just bothers the heck out of me.. thats why im selling the ones i have LOL! -_- but to each their own... gold face would be very very nice..
Originally Posted by odzzie View Post
Oh and GREAT! job on the school in cambodia! not very many people would donate or use their time to build something for the needy.. i am also cambodian haha
I've seen the Maya's you've had for sale for face and polished (not chrome!) works for me least I think. My car is titan silver, black soft top, smoked corners, carbon splitters, carbon csl diffuser etc... the contrast would just work... and being three piece wheels, if I feel like changing colors, its as simple as letting the air out of the tires, and pulling the wheel faces out. Gold would definitely, definitely clash with my theme lol

Also, most of my friends are cambodian lol...maybe we've met!

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