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Originally Posted by propr'one View Post
^^you have FTTH? where in btown do you live?

I just signed up for bell, got:
Home phone
-local loop (basic tel line)
-caller ID
-call waiting
-visual call waiting
-unlimited north american long distance (25$ month)

-Fibe 25 down 10 up
-unlimited (10$)
-99.99$ credit on modem purchase

Fibe TV - 243 channel (better) package
-HD PVR (free rental for 5 years)
-2 additional receivers (7$/mo each)

Installation credit 249.99$ (free)

The total monthly cost is 189$ after 3 months free tv (119/mo). This isn't the most amazing deal in the world, but my parents really wanted to stick with bell, so i'm happy with it. The first month i had my VDSL2+ line in AB i moved like 1.5TB through wan, i'll report back with the first month here in t.

The TV is under contract for 1 year, nothing else has any commitment.
I live in Kennedy and Major William Sharp area but I'm moving to Mississauga in the next month.

bell called me a year ago and offered fiber 25 for $36/m as a promotion deal but after 1 year the promotion is off and they couldnt offer any other deal so they raised me to $83/m which sucks .. so I switched now.
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