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New wheel setup

So last year I sold my VMR's to a local member here, my wife and I were a little short on cash building a school in Cambodia dedicated to her late father.

Here is a pic of what my M3 will be wearing this year.

3 piece 20" iForged Flux's with high polished lip, and gloss black face. Still needs some more elbow grease in polishing. I know I know 20's? On an M? I know some won't like it and there will be haters, but really, it's only an inch up from my stocks. I also don't track my car, nor race my car, and don't plan to. So why not give them a try. I think it's going to look great


Comments lol?

Also, figured I'd post up a pic of the school too now that it's complete. Crazy what you can build there for not that much money. I know some members knew I had started this project, well, here it is finished with some of the students outside.


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