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Looks like it could use some TLC, but if you are handy, it shouldn't be a problem bringing it back up to shape.

Originally Posted by ac_2007 View Post
I will never be buying an SMG, and this is the car which convinced me against it.
Any particular reason why? IMO it's a better compromise than a fully automatic car for those come from a manual but need a semi auto for other reasons. At slow speeds it isn't as good as a dual clutch, but your also not getting a dual clutch performance car around this price point. If you are coming from an automatic, then I understand why you wouldn't like it.

For less than $20k, there really isn't a better sequential gearbox in a car that offers this much performance. Anything else and your stuck with an auto. I didn't mind it and was looking for an SMG car so my wife could drive it. I couldn't find an e46 in a color combo I wanted or I would have bought one. Now im looking for something newer.
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