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Originally Posted by dee0007 View Post
Has anyone tried wider tires in the front ? Read on the m5board that if 270s all around make it handle like its on rails, anyone tried it and can confirm? If so what are the widest tires I can throw in the front on the oem rims?
At the risk of getting flamed here, I recommend leaving it alone. Some very picky German engineers chose those sizes for a reason, and it wasn't to reduce costs! What a joy it must have been to develop such a car!

I don't like to play with offsets either. Something about scrub radius...

Definitely spend some time on a track to see how it feels. On the street, I've never experienced ANY understeer. On the slow parts of a track, yes. Esp in the rain. If anything, this car could use more rear tire. The rear breaks loose quite easily, but I find drifting and recovery is smooth and controllable. At least better than my ex 540.

Bottom line ... not really necessary IMO.

Did your M5 wheels come with rubber? What did you get? I've chosen Dunlop Direzza Star Spec.
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