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Originally Posted by Chris916 View Post
Thanks guys!!

I was thinking the plywood would be strong enough supported with a few turnbuckles but now you guys have me doubting that lol. A wrap in fiberglass is'nt a bad idea, or i could step it up to 3/8" plywood but that would add some weight.. Ill look into it!

The adjustable mounting system does sound appealing, however I believe it would be tougher to mount it strongly if i made it adjustable. I was just going to mount it as stiff as possible to the bumper and weld some supports on the subframe for it to sit onto the back.
if you can get nomex honeycomb from aircraft spruce you can ditch the plywood and go for that, and just wrap it in fiberglass ... that said $'s are involved..

to make it adjustable: attach it to the frame using the same kind of joint the rear antiroll bar uses to attach to the trailing arm.. and your turnbuckles to adjust angle

so forget the turnbuckles in the pic.. but put the single screw on the bottom through the splitter and use the other side to attach to the frame..

hope it helps
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